The Handbook of Impact Investing is a soon to be published guide to the key resources available for investors seeking both a financial return and a positive social or environmental impact.  The book will include:

·         A brief history of the field,

·         Profiles of industry leaders, and

·         A curated list of industry resources. 


This website is intended as a companion guide to the book.  It provides live hyperlinks to each of the listed resources.  The website is organized into three main categories: 

·         Investments (public, private, and community),

·         Leadership (advisors, field builders, and catalysts), and

·         Resources (publications, education offerings, and directories). 


The Project.  The next big thing in finance is here.  Socially screened investments now represent one in six professionally managed dollars in the US, growing nearly 10 fold in the last 20 years.  Thought leaders form David Brooks to Bill Gates, Pope Francis to the G8, are lauding impact investing, and its power to change the world.  Opportunities generating competitive financial returns while making a positive social or environmental impact are rapidly capturing hearts and minds, especially with the largest demographic in the country, the millennial generation.  A veteran financial advisor with an authentic passion for the field provides a guide for students, sophisticated investors and professionals to quickly get up to speed on the industry.